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Aluminum alloy doors Windows design basic knowledge!

2020-03-08 20:40:07

Door window serves as the component of building periphery protect structure, no matter be high-grade building,  common residence, gave different building function  requirement. Only to meet the architectural effect, rain, lighting, ventilation, visual field, heat insulation, sound insulation  other functions, to provide people with a comfortable, quiet indoor environment, to achieve sustainable social development. Aluminium alloy door window is the most widely used kind of door window now, how to design the aluminium alloy door window that satisfies architectural requirement  function to put forward a few basic train of thought  view below.

The architectural design of doors  Windows

The doors  Windows are the units of the building, the decorative symbols of the facade effect,  finally reflect the characteristics of the building. Although the design of door window of different building has different requirement to door window, door window big sample cent grid is ever-changing, but still can seek out a few rules.

1. Windows  doors facade division should conform to the aesthetic characteristics, division design, to consider the following factors

(1) the coordination of lattice proportion. As far as a single glass plate is concerned, the length-width ratio should be as close as possible to the golden section ratio. It is  suitable to design into a square  a narrow rectangle with a length-width ratio of 1:2  more.

(2) the window facade division should have a certain rule,  reflect the change, in the change of the law; Division grid line density; Equal distance, equal size division shows rigorous, solemn, serious; Unequal free division shows rhythm, vivacity  movement;

(3) at least the same room, the same wall window horizontal line should be in the same horizontal line as far as possible, vertical line as far as possible alignment;

(4) the overall effect requirements of the building should be considered when designing the facade of doors  Windows, such as the virtual  real contrast of the building, light  shadow effect, symmetry, etc.

2. Color selection of Windows  doors (including the color of glass  profile)

The choice of the color of door window matchs is the important annulus that affects building final effect, the color of door window wants to match with building characteristic, should agree jointly with building stylist, owner when deciding color.

3. Personalized design of doors  Windows

According to the customer's different hobby  aesthetic point of view, design a unique window facade.

4. The permeability of doors  Windows

Do  set cross frames  mullions within the visual height range of the main viewing area (1.5m ~ 1.8m) to avoid blocking the view. Some doors  Windows need to use the glass with high transmittance  the requirement has larger open field of vision, facilitate the view outdoor scenery.

5. Lighting  ventilation of doors  Windows

The ventilation area of doors  Windows  the number of movable fans should meet the building ventilation requirements; At the same time, the lighting area of doors  Windows should also meet the requirements of "architectural lighting design standards" (GB/ t50033-2001)  the requirements of architectural design drawings. According to article 4.2.4 of the design standard for energy conservation in public buildings (GB 50189-2005), the area ratio of each window wall facing the building's outer Windows shall  be greater than 0.70. When the window-wall area ratio is less than 0.40, the visible light transmission ratio of the glass should  be less than 0.4.


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